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Here are some of the questions and answers we frequently receive from our customers.
<Questions before introduction>
    Q.What is the difference between Lingo Mii and existing pronunciation learning applications?
  • Lingo Mii is different because it analyzes your pronunciation in detail and shows you how to correct your pronunciation based on the basic phonetic symbols. This precise analysis and careful guidance along with the creation of AI-based teaching materials can be easily done by anyone.
    Q.Where is Ringo Me actually used in education?
  • Lingo Mii is used in more than fifty universities, English conversation schools, and pronunciation schools, primarily in North America, but also in fifteen countries in Asia and Europe.
    Q.How many people can use it?
  • There is no limit to the number of users, so you can use it with any number of people. However, when you use a paid plan, the fee depends on the number of users.
    Q.How long does it take to get the system up and running?
  • First, a trial period of approximately 2 weeks is required to ensure that we can provide the best solution for your environment. After that, the service will be available approximately 10 days after signing the contract (depending on the scale of the project).
    The process to use the service is as follows.
    step.1)Trial registration
    step.2)Guidance on how to use in the manual
    step.3) Start trial
    step.4) Trial ends
    step.5) Select a plan and make payment
    step.6) Start of official use
    Q.How do I download?
  • The current version of Lingo MIi is not an app for smartphones and cannot be downloaded from the Apples Store or Google Store.
    Q.What do I need to prepare to use Lingo Mii?
  • To use Lingo Mii, you will need a stable Internet connection and a computer, tablet or smartphone.
    If your device does not have a microphone and speakers for audio input and output, you will need to prepare them separately.
    Q.I want to use it only by myself. Can I install it by myself?
  • Lingo Mii has been developed mainly for use in English language classes and corporate training. We do not offer individual subscription for the current version of Lingo Mii, so please make a contract through a Lingo Mii classroom.
    We also provide teacher referrals, so if you are interested, please register your DM below.
    If you would like to sign up for Lingo Mii, Please send to support office register for our DM service.
    Q.Are there any plans to release an app with pronunciation practice functionality only?
  • There are no plans to do so at this time.
    Q.I am planning to use Lingo Mii for my first English teaching, but can I also use it for grammar and vocabulary study?
  • Sorry, Lingo Mii is an AI service that specializes in pronunciation training, so if you want to focus mainly on grammar or vocabulary teaching, we recommend a dedicated service.
    Q.Is there a lesson reservation function?
  • We recommend using an external reservation system, a ThirdParty application called It can be linked to the student screen so students can book seamlessly.
    Q.Is there a scheduling function?
  • We recommend the use of an external reservation system, a ThirdParty application called Management will be possible on this software.
    Q.Is there a notification or distribution function to the e-mail application?
  • Currently under preparation.
    Q.What external systems can be integrated?
  • The reservation application can be linked to a Third Party application of your choice. If you have any other requests, please contact our support office
    Q.How much is the fee?
  • Fees vary depending on the number of students, so please inquire with our contact person after applying for a trial.
    Q.What payment methods are available?
  • We use a system called Stripe, so Visa and Master cards are accepted. Please let us know if you have any other requests.
    Q.I would like to discuss the specifics of how it can be introduced in my school, where can I contact?
  • Please click here to start your trial and send your request to support office.
<After installation>
    Q.How do I upload my textbook content?
  • This can be done from the teacher's management screen. Please refer to the video manual below for details.
    Q.I would like to have an alphabetical score as I don't have a class using IPA.
  • IPA is recommended, but can also be alphabetized.
    In such cases, some functions may not be displayed or analyzed.
    Q.Can you do White Label (OEM)?
  • We recommend that this be done before the end of the year.
    Q.Intonation and Rhythm display can be done anytime?
  • We recommend that this be done before the end of the year.
    Q.Can the Recording time be extended from 15 seconds?
  • Yes. Service plan needs to be updated, but can be extended to 45 seconds or 2 minutes.
    Q.Can I transfer educational materials registered in another company's system? How do you do it?
  • You can register on the Registration page for educational materials.
    Q.I have already installed Lingo Mii in my school, but I would like to be added to the list of schools that have Lingo Mii in order to attract more students.?
  • Please send to support office.
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